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White House briefing

Here’s a brief summary of our briefing on November 1st to White House staff.

“On November 1, the Transatlantic Academy’s 2011-2012 fellows teamed up with Cathleen Kelly and the GMF Climate and Energy Program to brief staff in the Executive Office of the President on emerging “hot spots,” where resource competition, accelerated by climate change, could lead to conflict at interstate and local levels. The briefing highlighted key findings in the Transatlantic Academy’s recent report entitled The Global Resource Nexus: The Struggles for Land, Energy, Food, Water, and Minerals, which assesses the economic and security implications of unprecedented growth in global demand for natural resources, coupled with accelerating risks of climate change. The discussion was wide ranging and included the need for better data collection and information on the nexus of natural resources, and, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the costs of not acting to prevent the effects of environmental catastrophes. The importance of the transatlantic learning community in the areas of water management and resource efficiency was also discussed. Many thanks to Cathleen for arranging this productive meeting.”


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