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Placing the Border in Everyday Life

My new edited book with Reece Jones and many great contributors comes out in May 2014. (











Table of contents:

  1. Where is the border?    Corey Johnson and Reece Jones

Section I: Theorizing the border in everyday life

  1. The vernacularization of borders    Anthony Cooper, Chris Perkins, and Chris Rumford
  2. Policing borders, policing bodies: the territorial and biopolitical roots of US immigration control    Mathew Coleman and Angela Stuesse

Section II: Border work by non-state actors near the border

  1. Locating the border in Boundary Bay: Non-point pollution, contaminated shellfish, and transboundary governance    Emma S. Norman
  2. A basis for bordering:  Land, migration, and inter-Tohono O’odham distinction along the US-Mexico line    Kenneth D. Madsen
  3. Whose border? Border talk and discursive governance of the Salween River-border    Vanessa Lamb
  4. Crossing lines, crossed by lines: Everyday practices and local border traffic in Schengen regulated borderlands    Judith Miggelbrink

Section III: Border work by non-state actors away from the border

  1. Symbolic bordering and the securitization of identity markers in Nigeria’s ethno-religiously Segregated City of Jos    Yakubu Joseph and Rainer Rothfuss
  2. Border Wars: Narratives and Images of the US-Mexico Border on TV    Reece Jones
  3. Latin American Borders on the Lookout: Recreating borders through art in the Mercosul    Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary
  4. ‘No Place Like Home’: Boundary Traffic Through the Prison Gate    Jennifer Turner
  5. Conclusion    Corey Johnson

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